What is Brand Authority?

And how do I measure the brand strength of my website or company?

In general, the term "Brand Authority" describes how well known a brand is, and how much it is trusted.

At SEMetrics, we have a simple score to measure this for any site on the web. Our metric is currently evolving and improving, but it incorporates factors such as:

  • Do people talk about the brand, and recommend it to others?
  • Are people looking for the brand online?
  • Is the brand mentioned in the news?
  • Do people visit the brand's site directly?
  • Do users engage with the brand on social media?
  • Do visitors share content from this brand?

Why is this important to marketers and SEOs?

Since the earliest days of commerce, a stronger brand is always likely to attract more customers, convert more visitors into buyers, and retain more customers over time.

However, having a well recognised and respected brand has huge additional benefits in the world of search marketing.

Google has always implied that they are eager to give more visibility to well-known brands, and over time we have seen brand signals become more and more important in the ranking algorithms.

For a huge variety of searches - across different industries, niches & keyword types - there is a strong correlation between the strength of a brand and the position of that brand in the search results.

Improving your Brand Authority is now not just good for business, but a crucial aspect of being successful in SEO.

What is My Site's Brand Authority?

You can sign up for a free account on SEMetrics to see your site's Brand Authority score, and find how it compares to your competitors. Just visit the new account page to get started.

Once you've signed up, visit your dashboard to enter different domains and find out how they compare.